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teenKAYLEE is a fun model on Myfreecams that is fun to watch and talk to. Most of her public shows are full of conversation, but the fun and naughty ones start in private or in group shows. It so happens that I randomly came online this weekend and decided to watch her show. Not expecting anything special I noticed she had a new topic and decided to stick around. Although teenKAYLEE has teased in public before and I have seen a flash here and there, she normally doesn’t do anything in her chat room. But maybe, because it’s the end of the month and maybe because she wanted to try and approach that could rake in more tokens than group or private shows, she decided to try an public show.

This is all speculation, I really don’t know what motivated her to try this new approach, but it was fun to watch. You could tell she was excited and yet nervous to get to the public show, but her audience tipped and met her targets. teenKAYLEE did very well and it didn’t take long to see her first public show. If you haven’t seen this girl before, she’s a pretty cute lady to watch and more importantly fun to chat with. Normally, she isn’t online very long and most of her shows seem to be evening shows, so there is a level of consistency there.

Over the past several months her level of popularity has increased and you can see it reflected in her camscore. Her shows are fairly hot to watch, group shows are fun as well. Being that she did her first public show, she used 3 different toys. I don’t know if this is typical of her overall performance but it felt like it was a special show to watch. If you like sexy brunette/red head ladies then this is the gal you want to visit. Her shows are fun to watch and fun to chat with and she has an array of toys to keep you entertained. Also, she has quite a few sexy outfits that I’m sure will please most guys. In my opinion the best outfits are the shorts she wears.

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